Learning Python is fun. Writing games is fun. Learning Python by writing games? Even more fun!

This tutorial teaches Python by focusing not on teaching Python, but on the various elements of a simple 2d game. Specifically, a platformer game written using the arcade library for Python.

We go through many of the elements of a game: getting something on the screen, drawing text, animation, shapes, motion, collisions, gravity, keeping score, etc. But along the way, we are introducing Python: using an editor, running a program, variables, functions, classes, etc.

What makes this tutorial different?

  • The table of contents isn’t programming stuff…it’s gaming stuff.
  • It’s visual. Kids don’t read, so the text is secondary to a video for each section.
  • Working code for every segment lets you avoid getting lost.
  • For those that are interested in mastering the topics, each segment has exercises and extra credit.

Let’s begin by getting ourselves setup.